Monday, July 20, 2009

Honduran Conference of Men and Women Religious Statement

“The new heavens and the new earth I am going to create will endure for ever…” (Isaiah 66:23)

As the Conference of Men and Women Religious of Honduras – CONFEREH – from our faith in Jesus Christ and his Good News of the Kingdom of God, from our option to accompany the feeling and the march of poor and pilgrim People in the history of Honduras; and in the face of the worsening of the political, economic, and social crisis provoked by the break up of the constitutional order on June 28 (the coup d’état):

We have a special concern about:
  • The situation of a people and of families divided and faced with polarized political and ideological politics and ideologies.
  • The lack of peace, the anxiety, fear, confusion and insecurity which the population in general lives in these moments.
  • The increase of the impoverishment of many Honduran families which deepens the historic inequality and injustice in the country.
  • The paralyzing of many activities which contribute to the development of our country, especially education and the unviersities.
We reject:
  • The rupture of the constitutional order and the limitation of constitutional guarantees for the population.
  • Whatever expression of violence, and the repression of the sector of the population which does not accept and protests what happened on June 28.
  • The control and manipulation of information by some of the media, violating the right to have objective and true information.
  • The repression made against some social alternative media.
  • Whatsoever threat of interference of other nations.
  • The using of and pressure on the working population for purposes and interests of partisan politicians or groups.
We propose and we accompany
  • The forces which will restore an environment of trust, justice, and peace in the population and which promote serenity and reconciliation in families.
  • A true dialogue among the different sectors and organizations in the society, where they lay aside passionate positions of political and ideological confrontation, and where they build beneficial consensuses, especially of benefit to the poor majorities.
  • The social means of communication which present the truth about what is happening to the population in general.
  • The population in strengthening a critical sense and discernment in order to seek new paths which favor the common good.

We encourage the people to maintain hope and the commitment to construct God’s Reign of justice, liberty, and peace. We join with all those persons and organizations which make efforts to restore a democracy which guarantees equality, participation, and the good of all in Honduras. May Mary [the Virgin] of Suyapa, who knew how to read the history of her people in a prophetic manner, intercede for everyone who lives on our soil.

Tegucigalpa, July 9, 2009

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