Monday, January 15, 2018

Honduran Bishops' open letter, January 15, 2018

Honduras Bishops Conference


Respected citizens:

It is our commitment, as pastors (shepherds) of the Catholic Church, to promote dialogue and peace on behalf of the common good. We believe in the value of dialogue and, as Church, we want to accept the recent call at the national level. For this to be valid (worthwhile), it ought to include two important characteristics: (1) that it be “sincere, effective, creative, without conditions, and involve all sectors of society,” as we affirmed in our communiqué od December 20, 2017; and (2) that it have palpable objectives to resolve fundamental matters, which can be achieved in the short term, with concrete commitments to fulfill them by the political actors of our country.

The post-election situation of Honduras, categorized as a political crisis, is known at the national level and is the cause of international concern. In the face of this recognized situation, we cannot no ought we prolong a crisis which paralyzes the country and which does not bring about profound changes in the heart of the society. The way out is an inclusive dialogue, with the presence of representatives of all sectors of society and a dialogue by means of an analysis of all the challenges which urgently needed to be responded to, for the purpose of overcoming the current crisis which has broken out [been unchained] since the elections of last November 26.

The absence of dialogue between the two of you deepens the political crisis in the country, which will make unfeasible the great dialogue which the population supports and hopes for. If, in the short term, real, rational, and altruistic agreements aren’t achieved, the violence will escalate, there wlll be more military and political repression, and the number of fatalities [dead victims] will increase; the country’s economy will be paralyzed, poverty will increase, the population will be even more divided, which could lead to a situation of ungovernability.

Because of all this, respectfully and earnestly [from our hearts], we ask you to sit down to talk to find ways out of this situation full of anxieties, or that you accept arbitration mediated by one of the institutions of which Honduras is a member, to facilitate a political dialogue which is sincere and without conditions, which reconciles [conciliates] positions without political advantages for anyone, for the purpose of arriving at decisions which better benefit all the society. If you do this, you will be giving an authentic [good faith] demonstration of love for Honduras.

We believe that this means would make possible the necessary and urgent dialogue which all of us hope for.

We ask the Lord to illumine your minds and soften your hearts so that you can find paths toward the reconciliation which ur country needs.

Tegucigalpa, January 15, 2018


The Honduran Bishops Conference