Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Honduras bishops December 3, 2017

To the National Community

In this difficult hour of the social and political history of our country, we wish to say to you that we do not have the right to fail one more time in the construction of the state of Honduras and its democracy. For this reason, for the life of the country, we consider urgent and of priority:

1 – Recover the institutionality of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal [TSE], based in the legitimacy and transparency in its actions in the electoral process, proceeding immediately to the special investigation of the actas which are requested by the National Party and the Alliance Party against the dictatorship.
That the TSE realize the special scrutiny of the actas, partial or total, under the strict vigilance of the observers of the European Economic Community (EU), the Organization of American States (OEA), the Group of Cooperating Countries (G-16), as well as the representatives of the two parties previously mentioned. In order to guarantee the transparency of the process.
The counting and the special scrutiny of the  actas, whatever the number, ought to be accompanied by the commitment on the part of the political leaders and candidates for the presidency to accept he result with judiciousness [sensatez] and responsibility, thinking of the common good of the population.
2 – Maintain attitudes of respect, coexistence [convivencia], and dialogue between memebrs of the community and to overcome every form of violence. Thus we ask the directors of the National Party and the Alliance against the Dictatorship, that, during the time which lasts for the verification of the data, with the special scrutiny of the actas, and later when the results are announces [declaración], they orient their bases to assume a posture of respect, of maturity citizenship, of promotion of peace, and peaceful living together [convivencia].
The political parties ought to advocate so that citizenry enjoy the free exercise of their rights. The State ought to guarantee peaceful protests [manifestaciones], as a human right, and the protection of all the rights of all persons, including respect for private property and the security of their goods. All of us citizens ought to return to normal life.
3 – Renew hope that this crisis may be the occasion for Honduras to establish itself [se afinace] as a State of Law, that it be strengthened with the law [in] its institutions, that it advance in the struggle against impunity, corruption, and poverty. All of us -  the social, political, academic, and religious sectors – let us commit ourselves to push for [impulsar] a frank, effective, and creative dialogue in the short term which allows us to achieve minimal agreements of governability and rule, restoring peace and citizen coexistence [conviviencia] in our Honduras.
4 – Fervently ask our Lord to give our rulers wisdom to govern, justice to act correctly and to practice the good, and that he give all of us citizens rectitude of heart and authentic love of the Fatherland.

December 3, 2017

Honduras Bishops Conference  [Conferencia Episcopal de Honduras]


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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Honduran religious on the election 2017

from the Conference of Religious in Honduras.
November 29, 2017

The Conference of Men and Women Religious of Honduras.
Statement on the situation of these General Elections of the country.
Directed to all the men and women of good will of the Honduran People.

All men and women religious who serve in Honduras, where we work out our mission in the name of Jesus, who made himself one of us to take on history in all its aspects; we believe in a God of Life and in order that Life is given has to be given under conditions of Justice, Truth, and Solidarity, as the Master said, we are blessed for “having hunger and thirst for justice.” (Matthew 5)

From this Spirit of the Beatitudes of our Master Jesus, we state:

Preoccupied by the unstable situation created by the delay in presenting the definitive results of the general elections by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal )TSE).

We are preoccupied because, with this delay, what is created is an environment and situation of democratic insecurity, which affects the peace of the Honduran people, who came out peacefully to vote and to show their democratic vocation.

We are preoccupied and we reject all type of pressure and manipulation of the securities [security forces] by the official party; repression and intimidation of a people who have demonstrated their critical and democratic sensibility by voting is not acceptable.

We ask the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to maintain itself unflinching [firm] in terms of the law which they swore to uphold, to communicate to the people what it is due every advance in counting votes; how to maintain themselves unflinching in the face of the possibilities of act corruptly in this electoral process, demonstrating their independence and autonomy as an entity of the State.

We invite all the population to guard their in a peaceful way and in a sense that shines the light of the torches of liberty and truth.

We exhort the present president of the republic and all the functionaries, who are servants of the people, to be facilitators and instruments of peace.

In the name of the prince of peace and justice, Jesus Christ, may we go forward as brothers and sisters and citizens, being a people which seeks the Good and the Life.

May the Lord guard us and bless us, if we act as his sons and daughters. May he deliver us from the tyranny and the repression of his sons.
29 November 2017

Commission of Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation


Monday, May 9, 2016

Social Ministry Open Letter

Open letter
to the people of Honduras
and to the government of the Republic of Honduras

“Scientific progresses most extraordinary, the most surprising technical achievements, the most remarkable economic advancement , if they are not accompanied by a authentic and moral progress will definitively turn against the human person.”
Pope Francis, “Discourse to the FAO”

“An attempt [on the life of whatever defender of human rights is an attempt on all of us.”
Letter of the Vatican to the family of Berta Cáceres

In the Assembly of the Social Ministry Assembly of the Catholic Church, with representatives of the nine dioceses of Honduras, from April 19 to 21 in Comayagua, gathered to analyze our pastoral activity in regard to the social commitment of the Church, illuminated by the Gospel and Jesus Christ, the teaching of the Church, and letting ourselves to be called to account by the reality, we declare the following:

Our hopes:
  •       The growing taking of consciousness of the social problematic by pastoral workers and their commitment with social organizations, their work close with their struggles and defense of the common goods, who illuminate the reality of death from the [standpoint of the] Gospel.
  •       The integration of the church, accompanying the organizing processed of the communities.
  •       The successes which have been made in the defense of the goods of creation and social demands [reivindicacciones].
  •       The growing organization of indigenous and campesino organizations in defense of Life, especially in the defense of the rivers and forests.

Our concerns:
  •       The approval of laws which favor megaprojects (Open pit mining, ZEDES [model cities], hydroelectric [projects], monocultivation) trampling the rights of communities. Generating conflicts and violence. This option of the government for large scale extractive industries hoards, consumes, and contaminates the vital liquid of the communities.
  •       The violation of agreement 169 of the OIT [International Labor Organization] which refers to the respect for the territories, culture, and patrimony of indigenous peoples.
  •        Migration of children and youth in the communities, forced by violence.
  •       The deterioration of the health and public education institution[s] concerns us.
  •       The deterioration security and the increasing militarization of the Honduran society which has not responded in the face of the violence.
  •       The criminalization, persecution, and killing of defenders of human and environmental rights
  •       Institutionalized corruption in all government levels.

We encourage the people
  •      To maintain hope and continue believing in the strength of organization in unity for the defense of life, territory and the goods of creation.
  •       So that the electoral process which is approaching does not sidetrack us from the care and defense of life and our Common Home.

We ask the government
  •       To clear up the assassination of Berta Cáceres, seeking an international independent investigative commission.
  •       To clear up all the assassinations of defenders of human rights and the goods of creation.
  •       The help of La Misión de Apoyo Contra la Corrupción e Impunidad en Honduras (MACCIH) [the Mission to Support the Fight against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras] in working against corruption and impunity in cases of national seriousness.
  •        End the mining concessions and megaprojects that make life worse in Honduras.

We close this letter reiterating our hopeful commitment and confirming our being disciples of Jesus in the accompaniment of the Honduran people in their joys, sorrows, hopes and struggles for Life and our Common Home.

Participants in the National Social Ministry Assembly

April 2016